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Blood, Sweat & Beers

Stone's Throw Brewing is the creation of four guys who met in the local home brew club, the Central Arkansas Fermenters (www.centralarkansasfermenters.com). Theron, Brad, Shawn, and Ian have turned a dusty building in Little Rock's MacArthur Park Historic District into a successful neighborhood nano-brewery with a lot of patience from our loved ones and even more elbow grease. 

Our tap room comes complete with a quaint historic storefront just a stone's throw away (see what we did there) from a vibrant downtown neighborhood, the great green space of MacArthur Park, the Arkansas Arts Center, the bustling River Market entertainment district, the Bowen School of Law, and dozens of cultural attractions. We are open Tuesday-Thursday 4:00-9:00 PM, Friday 4:00-10:00pm, Saturday 12:00-10:00 PM & Sunday 11:00 AM-9:00 PM. Parking information can be found here. Visit this great neighborhood watering hole and let us serve you a glass of our fresh made brew!

Purchase your tickets for our June 15 #5Beers5Bites Dinner at the Southern Gourmasian Restaurant Online now! 

About Us

We’re taproom trailblazers and pitcher pioneers who believe in beer worth drinking. We’ve turned a dusty old building in Little Rock’s MacArthur Park Historic District into Arkansas’ newest brewery. This is more than beer. This is craft at its finest.

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Who We Are

Christmas and birthday presents, high school hobbies, and homerun first batches have led us to this point.  Every homebrewer dreams of opening up their own place while enjoying that perfect homemade pint.  We're just living the dream.  We've all won ribbons with our recipes at local and regional competitions; we've all floated kegs of our brews at festivals and tastings.  By going pro, Brad, Ian, Shawn, and Theron are taking their beer snobbery, geekdom, and nerdiness to the next level, and you're the beneficiary!

Stone's Throw isn’t just about geography, it’s about a shared experience and passion between brewers, their community and a beer that will inevitably unite them all.  Craft beer is a movement and must remain fluid. Stone's Throw Brewing is proud to stand on the frontlines of the movement, and to join the swelling ranks of Arkansas brewers.

Thank You to Our Families, Friends & Supporters

Charles "Pop", Lorna, Amy, Larry, Curly, & Moe Tobin • Skip, Wrennita & Chelsea Cash • Libby Harris • Marie McLaurin • Sally Saunders • Eileen & Lonnie Beard • Courtney Barr • Nancy Ferrara along with Philip, Peyton, Jay, Ross, Rob, Bryan, & Matt of Cranford Johnson Robinson Woods • Steven Reynolds of Iberia Bank • Tracy Gibby & Brian Chambers • Fred Wright • Malmstrom-White Co • River City Materials Inc & United States Gypsum Company • Graham Linder at Document Management, Inc. •Nickolaswilliams.com;• Audrey Magnuson • Larry "The Poo" Betz, The Grand Poobah of All Things Kickball • Jodi Cash Sanson • Taylor Tomlin • Daniel Cockrell • Eric Childress

Special Thanks to All Our Kickstarter Backers

(Tr)Ashley Mauldin • A.B. Naylor • Aaron D. Caldwell • Adam & Lindsay Daniel • Adrianne Johnson • ADT • Alana Embry • Alex Garr • Allen & Robbie McDonald • Amanda Auttonberry • Amanda Potter Cole & Bob Cole • Amy O'Regan • Amy White • Andrea Savage • Andrew Gray • Andrew Teague / SideTracked Works • Andy Applegate • Angela & Doug • Angela Brooks • Ann M. Huffman • Anthony Barker • Ashley Creek • Ashley S. Ross • Becky Howard • Ben Singleton • Benjamin Thesing • Beth By • Bob Shaff • Brad Lawson & Chelsea Korfel • Brenda Burks • Brent Reader • Brian & Kristin Howarth • Brian C. Thompson • Brian K. Wagner • Bryce Nall • Buckley O'Mell • Cale Block • Cary Tyson • Chap Williams • Charlie Buchanan • Cheney • Chris & Mike Keene • Chris Warthen • Coltrey • Courtney & Amber Crouch • Courtney Finch • Dan (the Man) Peterson • Dave 'Sully' Sullivan • Dave & Cynthia Ragan • Dave Lowe • Dave Webb • David & Lanie Konecny • David E Lee • David Kell • David O'Connor & Caroline West • Deni Carey • Derrick Birdsall • Diane Hudson • Diane Wagner • Don, Lindsay, & Charles Porter • Donald McLaurin • Donaldson Family • Doug & Alese Stroud • Drake & LeeAnn • Dylan Yelenich • Elmer Breckinridge Neaville • Eric Braun • Eric & Carol Fleming • Fred Baker • Gracie Ziegler • Grant Grigg • Grant M • Hannah C. Feild • Harrison Maddox • Heather Kay Totten • J. David Breen • Jacinda Kruger • Jack Greenhaw • James Gordon • James R. Taverner • James Roberts • James S Benton • James Stocker & Yelena Osipova • James Walden • Jamie Brandon • Jamie Rigsby • Jamie Warren • Jason Kindleman • Jason Van Pelt • Jean A. Smith • Jean Rolfs • Jeanette Larson • Jennifer Johnson • Jennifer Molayem • Jennifer Starr • Jenny Linscott • Jenny Wilkes • Jeremy "Ginger" Matthey • Jetts Gas & Service • Jill Liles • Jillbo Baggins • JJ • Jo Matchett • Joan Maloney • Jodi A. Barnes • Jody Lane • Joe Baggett Jr. • Joe Hudak • John "Cincinnati" Kubale • John & Kathy Rapley • John & Rachelle Walsh • John Biggs • John Bowyer & Joy Scates • Jon & Kristen Kennon • Jonathan D. McFadden • Jonathan Weigt • Josh Creed • Josh Sigal • Josh Wooding • Joshua Armour • Joshua Shannon • Julianne Dunn • Julie Vandiver • Karen Banks • Kate Fay • Kathy Dickson • Katie & Holt Short • Kayce Hall • Keith Canfield • KELLY & The MATTS • Kelly Browe Olson • Kelly Ponder • Ken Haycook • Ken Myers • Kolin Blakely • Kris McAbee • Krista Hatfield • Kyle & Genevieve Neumeier • Kyle Blakely Family • Larry Heiss • Lars Hultqvist • Laura Miller • Lesley V. Bingham • Libby Caldwell • Libby McLaurin Harris • Linda López • Lisa Bylander • Lisa Hutchinson • Luke Frauenthal • Lynsey Mitchell • Marcy Trogdon • Martene Mourning • Martha Gilbert & Michael Henderson • Martha Mayo & David Magnuson • Mason & Nicole Ellis • Matt & Mary Barnett • Matt Bailey • Matt Foster • Matt Jamison • Matt Johnson • Matthew Ferrill • Matthew Smith • Matthew Steliga • Matthew Swaim • Matty Ross • Megan McQueen • Meghan Adams • Michael & Marcela Malarkey • Michael Berkshire • Mickey Bailey • Mike & Missy Morehart • Mike Isko • Molly Miller • Molly Sullivan • Nancy Gibbs • Nancy, June, JB & Butler Bernier • Nathan Brown • Neil "Boom" Dillard • Nick & Richelle Eoff • olga skorapa • Olivia Lieblong • Pat Ulrich • Patrick & Cindy Tenney • Patrick & Kate Breen • Patty & Bernard Neumeier • Peggy Reynolds • Philip & Courtney Baker • Phillip Shewmaker III • Phynaus Wilson • Preacher Katie • Rachel & Kenny Roberts • Rachel Webre • Renhard McLaurin • Rennie Karnovich • Rhea Roberts • Rick Phillips • Rick Tarkka • Rivka Kuperman • Rob Burg • Robbin Walsh • Robert & Jennifer Steck • Robert Lorsbach • Roy & Debbie Jamison • Roz Tobin Creed • Ruanda McFerren • Ruth Ready • Ruthie Etchieson & Brad Peterson • Ryan & Jennica Schwartzman • S.Woolf • Sally Saunders • Sam & Sara Trisler • Sam & Rickie Smith • Samantha Bode • Sanket Desai • Scott Wroten • Seleena & Jon Kuester • Seth Cheshier • Shane Estep & Erika Petersen • Shannon Mashburn • Shawn Prater • Shea Stewart • Sierra Kessler • Skylar Jordan • Stacy Leeds • Stephanie Bayless • Stephanie Maxwell • Steve Rucker • Stewart Matthews • Susan Reckseidler • T.J. Boyle • Terje Stoneman • Terra Clark Brace • Thad Luther • The Fasels • The Haselows •The Heat • Tiffany Walker • Toby "jewjitsu" Chu • Todd R. Evans • Tom Kleckner • Tommy and Christy Jameson • Toni Laux • Trey Massingill • Tyler Dean • Uncle Bruce & Tia Anita • Vanessa & Tim McKuin • Vaughn Ziemianski • Vickie Edwards • Vince & Danna Blubaugh • VK and Sarah Sharma • Wade Rathke • Weas • Wendell Fowler • Wesley Beal • Wesley Bland • William and Katie Byrd • Willie Reyenga • Yates Minner • ArkieStyle.com • Bartaphandles.com • Fermentables.com • Hillcrest Artisan Meats • Historic Preservation Alliance of Arkansas • JohnTheBeerSnob.com • Little Rock Kickball Assoc. • Quapaw Quarter Association • The Southern Gourmasian;

What we Do

We make and serve drinkable, delicious brews that pair well with great food and good company.

Tap Room

Relax in Little Rock's living room! We feature fourteen different Stone’s Throw Brewing beers & ciders. We also serve products from Loblolly CreameryIzard ChocolateKent Walker Cheeses, Geek Eats Hummus, Old South Pickles & Wicked Mixes. Regular food truck service is available, or you're welcome bring in your own food. We also have a variety of board & card games for you to enjoy!

Join us for happy hour! $1 off pints before 5:00pm Thursday-Friday & 3:00pm Saturday-Sunday. Wednesday is all night happy hour, and its always happy hour if you walk or bike in!

Having a party or holding a meeting? Our taproom & annex are available to rent and we offer beer catering services! Use the contact us form to request details.


Rent Stone's Throw Brewing for your event! Contact us for details.

Tuesdays: $1 of every pint supports a local cause for #HopsAndHope

Wednesdays: $1 off all pints, #BetterWithBeerFreeMovie at 6:00pm

Thursdays at 6:30 pm: #ArkiePubTrivia All Arkansas Quiz

Fridays at 4:00 pm: First pour of our latest brew; new recipe every 1st Friday

Saturdays at 1:00 pm: Free guided tours of the brewery

Saturdays at 4:00 pm: Weekly Randall offering of freshly infused beer.

Sunday from 11:00 am-9:00 pm: Kickball Specials

Monday May 1, 6:30pm: Beginners Sushi Class 

Tuesday May 2, 6:00-8:00pm: Faith & Fermentation Small Group Gathering 

Thursday May 4, 5:00-8:00pm: Food Truck Meet-Up at Good Earth Garden Center Thursday May 4, 6:30pm: #ArkiePubTrivia hosted by MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History 

 Friday May 5, 4:00pm: #NewBrewFriday World Premiere of British SMASH 

Friday May 5, 7:00pm: Beer Garden at MacArthur Park 5k Saturday May 6, 10:00am-4:00pm: Handmade in the Heights in Pulaski Heights 

Saturday May 6, 12:00-7:00pm: Arkansas Brewgrass Fest in Fayetteville 

Saturday May 6, 2:00-6:00pm: Brews & Barks at Diamond Bear Brewing 

Sunday May 7, 11:00am-4:00pm: Community Picnic with St. Edwards in MacArthur Park 

Sunday May 7, 1:00pm: Arkansas Brewers Guild Tap Takeover in Rogers 

Tuesday May 9, 6:00-9:00pm: 2nd Tuesday Cribbage Night 

Tuesday May 9, 6:30pm: "Time of Fear" at MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History sponsored by Stone's Throw Brewing 

Wednesday May 10, 4:00pm: Pranom Pop Up Thai Street Food Tour Thursday May 11, 6:30pm: #ArkiePubTrivia hosted by the Old State House 

Museum Friday May 12, 4:00pm: #NewBrewFriday Release of Pit Boss Peach Hefeweizen 

Friday May 12, 5:00-8:00pm: 2nd Friday Art Night at the Old State House 

Saturday May 13, 10:00am-4:00pm: Mini Maker Faire in North Little Rock 

Sunday May 14, 11:00am: Mother's Day Vinyl Brunch Thursday May 18, 5:30-7:30pm: Alley Party by Christ Church 

Thursday May 18, 6:00pm: A Most Endangered Places Bicycle Ride 

Thursday May 18, 6:30pm: #ArkiePubTrivia hosted by The Rep Thursday May 18, 6:30pm: #5Beers5Bites Dinner at The Southern Gourmasian 

Friday May 19, 4:00pm: #NewBrewFriday Release of Balarama Peppercorn Saison 

Saturday May 20, 5:00-8:00pm: Hot Springs Craft Beer Festival Saturday May 20, 6:00-11:00pm: Legends in Argenta 

Thursday May 25, 6:00-9:00pm: Science After Dark at the Museum of Discovery 

Thursday May 25, 6:30pm: #ArkiePubTrivia hosted by Arkansongs 

Friday May 26, 4:00pm: #NewBrewFriday Release of Jean Claude Van Damme Belgian Dark Ale 

Saturday May 27, 11:00am-6:00pm: Etsy Fest in Hillcrest

Saturday July 29: Block on Rock 4th Birthday Bash

Food Trucks

The SoGo Bistro kitchen provides delicious companions to our brews every day we're open during regular business hours. Just order at the bar with your drink and the food will come to you!


White Cheddar Cheese Dip - Small $4 Large $8

"Cracker Jacks" Sweet & Spicy Popcorn, Arkansas Pecans, House Cured Bacon - $6

House Pimento Cheese Jar, House Pickles, AR Fresh Sourdough Toast - $7

Chicken Wings: 8 per Order, Choice of Sweet & Spicy Jerk, Sriracha Hot, Plain, or Pick 2 - $10

Cheese Fries: White Cheddar Cheese Sauce, Smokey Bacon Crumbles, Green Onion - $8

Fries - Small $3 Large $5


Smoked Chicken Sandwich: Arugula, White Cheddar, Roasted Red Pepper Aioli - $8

Slow Roasted Pork Sandwich: Swiss Cheese, House Pickles - $8

Sandwiches Served with Chips; Add Fries for $1


House Salad: Spring Lettuces, Cucumbers, Toasted Arkansas Pecans, Shaved Red Onion, Cheese, Choice of House Ranch or Honey Vinaigrette - Half $4 Whole $7 


(Sundays Only)

Biscuits & Gravy with Bacon Crumbles - $6

Bacon, Egg & Cheese Biscuit Sandwich - $6

Chicken & Waffles - $8

Side Bacon - $2

Side Eggs - $2

Side Waffle - $4

our beers

Listed below are our current beers on tap. This list is constantly changing so make sure to check back.

Seasonal & Limited Releases

Cover Crop Rye IPA

Cover Crop is a classic American IPA that delivers. It pours a deep brilliant copper with a bright white head. The initial flavor is a medium-bodied intense malt backbone that quickly reveals the spicy notes provided by the Rye, one of the world’s most widely-used cover crops. To balance such malt, citrusy hops assertively round out the flavor with a smooth bitterness. Cover Crop is a highly complex, yet very drinkable beer that's a perfect bridge between seasons. Spring Seasonal. O.G. 1068, IBU 53, ABV 7%

Aurora Borealis Scottish Light

We love hops as much as the next guy, but sometimes you just want to enjoy some sweet malty goodness! The Scottish family of ales are famous for their rich flavors and low hoppiness. Known back in the day as a “60 Schilling,” the Scottish Light style of beer was made for sessionability, packing a full flavored brew into a low alcohol package. Our interpretation of this rare style is malty and medium-full bodied with a finish that balances the crystal malt sweetness with the dryness of the roasted grains. Ideal for enjoying a few pints at the pub or packing in on a camping trip, this seasonal is an all-day drinker you’ll want to make part of your spring plans! Spring Seasonal. O.G. 1035, IBU 14, ABV 3%

Amarillo Warrior Imperial IPA

This hop hero is our annual Imperial IPA and one of the strongest beers we make! Additions of Amarillo, Warrior & Simcoe hops every 3 minutes for an hour and a half demand tribute from your taste buds. But the expansive hop flavor is checked by a strong malt & alcohol presence that delivers a delicious balance of power to your glass. Make sure to pair with a culinary combatant that will be equal to the task of battling Amarillo Warrior with flavor! Spring Seasonal. O.G. 1085, IBU 90, ABV 9%

Dry Hump Apple Cider

Champagne yeast makes this interpretation of an apple cider extremely dry & crisp. The combination quenches your thirst while simultaneously leaving you longing for more. Super crushable on a hot summer day, it never goes quite all the way towards sweet or sour. Enjoy by itself or throw another layer on top with a beer cocktail! Limited Release. OG 1045, IBU 0, ABV 5.5%

Pit Boss Peach Hefe

German hefeweizens with their light body and fruity flavors are perfect beers for outside in the summer. This 2016 collaboration with Bubba Brews in Bonnerdale is back by popular demand and combines the banana & clove flavors hefes are famous for with the peach flavors Arkansas summers are famous for. The outcome is the perfect brew to sip under the stars while listening to good music with friends! Limited Release. OG 1054, IBU 19, ABV: 5%

Aceypalooza Pale Lager

Boost your morale at the end of a long day with this easy drinking & flavorful lager. The crisp mouthfeel and smooth finish make the perfect runway for the citrus, fruit & pine flavors to take off! Make sure this crystal clear, light colored brew has a healthy helping of cloud like head to fully enjoy the hop aroma. From Stone’s Throw to you, thanks for all you do! Limited Release. OG 1053, IBU 38, ABV 5%

Balarama Peppercorn Saison

A staple of cooking in its native India for at least 4000 years, the flavorful peppercorn was so valued in the ancient world it was called “black gold” and even used as currency! We add this important farming staple of Southern Asia to the classic farmers’ brew of Northern Europe, then ferment it all with locally urban farmed Dunbar Wild yeast. It seemed only suiting to name this ode to agriculture after the plough & pitcher wielding Hindu god of farming & fertility. Limited Release. OG 1064, IBU 27, ABV 7%

Mosaic Pale Ale

The bright amber color & lighter body give this recipe such a mild-mannered appearance that the burst of hop flavor might take you by surprise! Single-hopped with its namesake, the American grown Mosaic hops instantly bring a distinctive aroma & flavor to the palate with notable but not overpowering bitterness. Enjoy the fruit & pine notes of this very drinkable end of summer brew. Limited Release. OG 1056, IBU 40, ABV 5.5%

Out on Blonde

2017 Big Red Ball Homebrew Contest winner and the Official Beer of Kickball is a light, easy drinking beer with full flavor. It pours a light yellow with a thick, persistent, bright white head that rouses easily. The aroma is malt forward with low hops and a clean fermentation character. This beer has a malty backbone with some initial sweetness, bready flavors, a balanced hop bitterness with hints of fruit and a clean finish. Whether you’re on the field, in the biergarten, or at the bar Out on Blonde is Made to drink! Special Release. OG 1056, IBU 20, ABV 5.5%

Rock Town Barrel Barleywine

Barleywine is a beast of a beer: at 10% ABV it's tied with Magnum Trip Belgian Tripel as the strongest brew we make, and at 90 IBU it's tied with Amarillo Warrior Imperial IPA as the hoppiest. This full-bodied beer don't mess around. A strong dose of malt helps check the intensity of the hops and alcohol to even it all out. But for a truly great Barleywine, it all needs to mellow out for months on end to smooth out the sharp favors. For this purpose we used three separate Rock Town Distillery Wheat Whiskey barrels and then blended the finished product together. We think you'll like the resulting balance of hop, malt, alcohol, wood & whiskey goodness! Barrel Aged Release. OG 1100, IBU 90, ABV 10%

Available Year Round

Shamus Stout 

Shamus is our take on a classic oatmeal stout. Dark color and a creamy head meet the eye. Initial taste greets your mouth with a full body and silky smoothness until the roast malts shine through. Coffee kiln malt adds a hint of coffee flavor which increases drinkability. Shamus is an easy drinking stout for the seasoned aficionado and dark-beer newbie alike. Born on the 4th of July, 2013, this was the first beer ever made at the brewery! Available Year-Round; O.G. 1062, IBU 37, ABV 6%

Amadeus Vienna Lager

Born in Salzburg, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart spent most of his professional career in Vienna. Similarly, the original amber lager was born in Austria but is most famous for its life in Mexico via immigrants in the 1800s. A healthy dose of Vienna malt gives Amadeus a soft, elegant complexity, and Noble hops provide just enough bitterness for balance. Amadeus is refreshingly perfect for a float down the Danube or a climb up Colima alike. Available Year-Round. O.G. 1051, IBU 24, ABV 5%

Common Sense

Common Sense is our particular spin on the California Common, better known as a "steam" beer - an American west coast original style. Before the advent of refrigeration, steam beers were fermented with a lager yeast, but at temperatures more suited for ales, to take advantage of the mild weather found in the San Francisco bay area. Instead of the typical hop profile, we selected Nelson Sauvin to add in a unique hop flavor to compliment this medium-bodied and slightly malty/fruity beer. Available Year Round. O.G. 1054, IBU 40, ABV 5%

Heritage IPA

One style has become the overwhelming symbol of the American craft beer movement: India Pale Ale. Thousands for interpretations have been created of this classic English beer, with adjustments to strength, color, grain varieties, yeast strains making each brew a little different. But the one thing they do have in common is lots of hops! Heritage IPA is brewed in the more hop-forward West Coast tradition. The robust hop bill provides a full hop flavor & aroma with plenty of citrus & fruit notes. Available Year Round. OG 1070, IBU 64, ABV 7.5%

Heritage Weizenbock

In the early 1900s, Germany was known for two things: strong beer, and even stronger Empirical rule. Dopplebock was all the rage, so a top-fermenting wheat bock was created to compete against the popular lager. Basically a dunkelweizen brewed to dopplebock strength; weizenbock is a full-bodied wheat ale that is malty and fruity, with a powerful aroma of dark fruits & bready malts. Available Year Round. OG 1070, IBU 20, ABV 7%

Sausagefest Hefeweizen

The Bavarian classic wheat is recreated here with all the elements you love: unfiltered beauty, refreshing flavor, and the distinct hint of banana & cloves. A better companion for Central European cuisine is hard to find; pair it with a schnitzel or the Nuremberger at The Pantry and see what we mean! Available year round. O.G. 1054, IBU 19, ABV 5%

Deadwood Amber Ale

The perfect pint to compliment your bowling game! A beautiful amber color reflects the malty profile of this complex but easy drinking beer. A distinctly citrusy hop bite balances out this beer. The next time you’re at the Professor Bowl, knock down a Deadwood. It’s a strike every time! Available year round. O.G. 1054, IBU 36, ABV 5.5%


See how we transformed our historic building into a brewery. Complete with tap room, walk-in cooler, and production space.


Want to know where to park? What time we're open? Are you interested in serving Stone's Throw beers in your establishment. Or do you just want to say hi? See below.

Brewery Details

We are located at: 402 E 9th St, Little Rock, AR 72202 

Ample street parking (see map) is available within two blocks of the brewery on Rock, Cumberland, 8th & 10th streets. Rock is one-way headed north from 9th street, and Cumberland one-way headed south.  There is also parking available at MacArthur Park a block to the east off 9th street. Please be considerate of our neighbors and do not park in the lot behind the brewery, on Rock St. south of 9th, or in the parking lots across Rock street from the tap room.  

Coming in from out of town? Find a hotel here!

We will see you soon!

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